Tata motors has released its new engineering product , hot and completely innovative from the production line, the all new Tata Bolt.
First of all let us introduce you to the Tata Bolt with the following five special features which are key selling point factors.
• Music System : Harman Kardon®
• Engine: Turbocharged 1.2 litre Revotron MPfi Petrol Engine
• Inside : Spacious and Comfortable
• Safety: 9th Gen ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System)
• Modes: Eco Mode/ Sports Mode/City Mode
Let us talk about these features in detail .

Music System

BoltTata Bolt features Harman Kardon® infotainment system and if the sources are believed, it took 2 years of rigorous work by the Harman engineers to create perfect infotainment system which compliments the Bolt.
Harman Kardon® made sure that TATA’s ConnectNext principle comes true to its essence. It was a brilliant decision by Tata Motors to opt to Harman Kardon® Acoustics and infotainment. Their partnership ensured that the consumer gets the best of both world experiences.
Customers can experience brilliant sound system experience
Harman Kardon® infotainment system features :
5-inch touchscreen for better multimedia and tactile(touch) experience.
Supports USB, Bluetooth, Auxiliary audio & Smart phones with special apps.
Better voice recognition.
Social media features and touch phone controlled interface.
Harman Kardon® has integrated some Industry leading smartphone supporting phone enabled navigation, internet radio and podcasts for more better  connected driving experience.
Infotainment system will support smartphone based remote control for rear seat passengers and Smartphone based Navigation screen mirroring.
Harman Kardon® has ensured that Bolt customers will experience top-notch listening experience with acoustics solutions including microphones and speakers.


Bolt Engine Bolt is installed with 1.2 litre Revotron motor,75PS ,  with 4 cylinders. There would be another version of Bolt which is a diesel variant with 1.3 litre Quadrajet engine.
The engine is turbocharged similar to the Tata Zest which was launched earlier by Tata Motors.
If you are taking your family of four with some load in the car, we can say that you would feel smooth and really comfortable with the power delivered by the engine.

Bolt Bolt offers three modes which we will discuss further. It has 5-speed transmission which provides good riding experience.


Bolt Inside ViewThe interior offered by Tata is pretty much decent and the space management done by Tata is good.
You can sit comfortably without any issues and rest down on the seat and complete your journey with a smooth ride . It has been guessed that it has more space in the hatchback segment compared to its competitors.


Bolt SafetySafety is of prime importance for any vehicle and Tata Motors’ engineers took that into account for you. 9th Generation ABS(Antilock Breaking System ) is used in this hatchback and dual airbags are installed for safety. Even corner stability control is provided.


Bolt modes Tata Bolt provides three modes viz. Sport, Economy and Normal(city). Choose any mode and enjoy the ride as the mode you select helps ECU (Engine Control Unit) to adjust automatically to optimal engine performance.
Sports mode can be used on expressways or safer highways where you would get more opportunity to drive freely without more traffic.
Economy mode will reduce throttle (accelerator) response and will help you ride with less acceleration and smoothly. Economy mode will also help you out with low usage of fuel by up-shifting method.
Normal Mode is the default mode which you will be offered by company.

Other Important Features :

Tata Bolt is a hatchback car with its powerful 1193 cc engine in the core of its chassis powering the transmission. For our readers who want to know what hatchback means , here’s a simply put meaning of hatchback : Car with a back door for storage or boot space which swings upward to open.
The Bolt will house tremendous power of 88.7 bhp at 5000 rpm and believe us, that is enough for you to thrill upon your daily ride to your desired location ;)
The Bolt will come into Diesel variant with a quadrajet 74 bhp engine .
The Bolt is primarily available in petrol version with an 88.7 bhp , 1.2 litre Revotron MPfi petrol engine from January ,2015.

Bolt The looks are pretty much curvy and simple but elegant.

Bolt Configcrazy Team too checked out the new bolt . (You can sew the images at the end of the review)
Bolt being launched in India, requires good ground clearance and the engineers at Tata Motors has done their job perfect by keeping a ground clearance of 165mm

Bolt Telematics system is used in Tata Bolt partnering with MapmyIndia
The front brakes are Disc brakes and the rear brakes are Drum brakes .

You can watch the Promo Video of Bolt below

Configcrazy Team with BoltThat is Our Media manager Mr. Sourabh Dhivare with the Bolt and Mr. Anup Poojary talking with the executives who were representing Tata Bolt.

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