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Past the Chequered flag to the frenzied cheering of three dozen technicians, drivers, time keepers, marshals, officials and support staff who had made the VRDE their home for the past two and a half weeks. “Adil, you have created history”, crackled the chief time keeper over the radios. Driving the Zest and overcome by excitement and emotion Adil replied, “No, it’s we who have created history”.

Autocar India

You can choose one of three modes on the Multi-drive system - Eco, City or Sport. In the normal or City mode, the turbocharged engine responds really nicely to taps on the accelerator. 'Sport' is plenty of fun. You feel a distinct bump up in power when you hit the switch and there is a bit more punch in the top end too. As a result, overtaking on the highway is quite easy and the Bolt has plenty of power in reserve in this mode. 'Eco' - a step down from 'City' - reduces fuel delivery in an effort to improve fuel consumption.

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It delivers great punchy torque beyond that and is great fun to drive. On the front you will see a higher chin, sleeker grille and mean-looking-eyes-like headlamp appearance which give it a sporty character.

Top Speed

In terms of safety, Bolt has 9th gen ABS, EBD and CSC - features which are not available in most cars in this segment. ...the gearing is quite tall so one does not need to shift gears all that much even in city traffic. In terms of ride and handling, Bolt is pretty sorted out. The touchscreen infotainment system gives access to navigation, AC, etc. in one place; video-playback option is the highlight.

Config Crazy

Tata Motors has released its new engineering product; hot and completely innovative from the production line, the all new Bolt. It is a hatchback car with a powerful 1193 cc engine in the core of its chassis powering the transmission.

God Years

So what does the BOLT do differently that makes it stand out from its competition in the crowded Indian hatchback car segment? Why should you consider it above all the others in its class?

One and a Half Minutes

The petrol variant is powered by a 1.2 litre 1193 cc 4-cylinder turbocharged multi-point fuel injection (MPFi) engine Revotron, which will churn out maximum power of 90 PS and have a peak torque of 140 Nm. The Java black interiors with superb leather finish are to die for.

The Explorer of Miracles

There are advanced Generation Next Safety features like 9th Gen ABS By BOSCH with EBD and CSC, Corner Stability Control and Dual Airbags. Also, there are Speed-Sensing Auto Locks that lock all the doors when the Bolt is in motion.

Biswa's Blog

The sporty exterior styling and snazzy interiors are good enough to create a traffic jam. Some other key elements of “The Bolt” which can bedazzle anybody: First-in-class Smoked Projector headlamps, Dynamic alloy wheels, Flame-shaped tail lamps and Floating roof.

Desi Traveler

Well how about a road trip with fellow bloggers? But wait let us make it even better. How about a road trip in brand new Tata Bolt, with tank full, and fellow bloggers to give you company and share stories, sing songs and pull each other’s legs?

Twilight Fairy

The first 4.5 months of this year went in coping with the kneecap dislocation and the subsequent MPFL reconstruction surgery I had to get done to fix the ligament that got ruptured. This included intensive physiotherapy for 2 months and even though I am not 100% ok yet, I am at least “kaam chalau” ok.

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Although I am not much active on blogging and bloggers world, but that was a phone call which I couldn’t be able to say no, and that was a call for a bloggers meet by Blog Adda, and I cannot be able to say No to that.

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Monday mornings are tricky. There's nothing in the world which can make them bearable for me. I sulk a whole lot before I even reach the workplace. No, I don't hate my job, I only hate Mondays. And mornings.

Manjulika Pramod

If you live in Delhi-NCR and are craving for a short holiday to yourself or a family weekend getaway, let me suggest you to drive down NH-8 and take a stop-over at Neemrana fort.

Priyanka Artiste

As I begin to write this post, I realize how privileged I am to be a blogger. I get to attend events and activities, which are exclusively designed by likeminded people for likeminded people. I am glad that I pursued by decision of being a blogger and finally life introduced me to Blogadda!

Arvind Passey

You can expect the unexpected when bloggers get together to do anything… and believe me, this isn’t at all unpredictable.

Antarik Anwesan

It had been a surprise when I had received an email from Blogadda a week ago inviting me to be part of a test-drive experience of the new Bolt from Tata Motors.

Mohul Ghosh

That was not a regular Sunday; that was not something which bloggers do normally; that was bolt-awesome Sunday!

Umang Bhatia

Few months back, I got opportunity from BlogAdda to visit the Bolt Arena in Crown Interior Mall in Faridabad and share my experience about the brand new BOLT car launched by Tata motors.

The Word Pool

One early morning, sunny day, crazy fun long drive, scrumptious lunch, and a hell of a ride – that was my last Sunday, thanks to Blogadda and Tata Bolt.


The Car - A bright red Tata Bolt. (If James Bond swears by the Aston Martin, just because it is British, it has Tata for me. Not that I cannot get a Jaguar – Yes, its Indian now – blending in with the crowd would be much easier with so many Tata cars on the road!)

Nandini Speaks

I love Tata Motors. They have given me some incredible, fun and adventurous opportunities via Blogadda.

Bombay Nomads

Watching Jeremy Clarkson & co review newly launched cars on Top Gear, or their Indian brethren on Autocar Show etc, have always made me so jealous. They actually get paid to drive around in new cars everyday to test them. Long drives, picturesque locations, they seem to have it all

Meghana Hassan

It’s that time of the year I eagerly wait for to plan my travels. Kiddo starts her summer vacation this month end and lot of travelling lined up for the coming month. Meanwhile few of we blogger's were invited last weekend by Blogadda for a drive to Lonavala.

Instant Words

I, among a few other bloggers, received an invite from Blogadda on behalf of Tata Motors to join them for a drive to Lonavala from Bandra Kurla Complex, a distance of around 120kms so that I could experience their latest hatchback Tata Bolt.

Not All Moonshine

Last Sunday was a Sunday to remember! Almost 30 of my blogger friends and I found ourselves at Cafe Infinito in Bandra Kurla Complex in the wee hours of the morning.

Ankit Jain

It was not a normal lazy Sunday as I sprung from the bed at 7 a.m. My alarm did made me hear some good morning blessings from my room partners. But I was very excited as the occasion was big.


A lazy me who generally sleeps over the hangover of the weekend morning blues, surprised myself by getting up at the first alarm in the wee hours of the morning.

Shetty Anirudh

My Mechie friend, Shri had also told me about how Tata Bolt was very much different from the Cars in it's segment. How this was a needed change in the line of Cars produced by Tata Motor.

Monish Chandan

The 2nd activity of Tata Bolt Drive to Lonavala was a surreal experience. It was an amazing trip from Mumbai to Lonavala. For those who missed the bus, no worries, I will take you through an exhilarating experience.

Pondering Two

Yes! Excited as a word is just a tip of an iceberg, when it came to the excitement levels on 19th April, 2015, where I was about to get my hands on the new Tata Bolt.

Disha Kotak

They are the best part about blogging. You get to meet the bloggers in skin who you otherwise stalk virtually. My one such morning began with Tata Bolt drive experience. Handpicked bloggers from all of Mumbai were invited to try their hand at the all new Blot.

Vishal Kataria

We’re on the Expressway, on our way back from Lonavala. I’m getting ready to take the sweeping hairpin. 80 km/h should be good. So I look down at the speedometer to check whether I need to go faster.

Mild Sunshine

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go” That’s the point of traveling, isn’t it? Whether it is reading a book or setting out with your backpack, it is the journey that makes the experience worth it. This is exactly where roads trips come in!


First stop: Cafe Infinito in Bandra where we were given the lowdown on the map route, our tasks, our team and the car.


You might have read my previous post on Tata Bolt – the new age hatchback of the iconic brand. If you haven’t, not to worry, Click here. Though you might be inclined to ask – Why should I? What is this Bolt?