First-in-Class* Smoked Projector Headlamps

The smoked projector headlamps provide you with better illumination when zooming down the street, while giving the Bolt an energetic look.

Tata Signature Grill with Unique Humanity Line

The unique humanity line fashioned in flawless piano black finish that accompanies the Tata signature grill, flows into the projector headlamps to give the Bolt a sporty look.

Striking Power Bulge on the Bonnet

The distinctive power bulge on the bonnet showcases a powerful engine beneath the hood with raw power waiting to be unleashed. It gives the Bolt a strong and sturdy appearance.

Dynamic Alloy Wheels

Premium 8 spoke Tata Motors alloy wheels enhance the sporty appearance of the Bolt.

Flame-Shaped Tail Lamps

The eye-catching flame-shaped tail lamps highlight the rear contours and add to the sporty looks of the Bolt.

Floating Roof Accentuated on Matte Black Pillar

The matte black C pillar creates a wraparound effect which makes the roof look lower & lengthens the look of the bolt. this sporty design gives it a unique, aggressive & forward pouncing stance.

Sporty Rear Spoiler

The rear spoiler with an integrated high mount stop lamp adds to the agile look of the Bolt while improving its’ aerodynamics.


Snazzy Java Black Interiors

Immerse yourself into the snazzy Java Black interiors that are designed to give the Bolt a refined athletic look.

*Class is defined as compact manual hatch as per SIAM.
#Features will be applicable while stocks last.