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Get answers to all your questions about the Bolt from Tata Motors with this comprehensive list of FAQs.

The Bolt from Tata Motors is an all new hatchback that has set the benchmark in its segment with -

  • First time ever* MULTI-DRIVE: SPORT, ECO, CITY
  • REVOTRON 1.2L turbocharged MPFi Petrol engine
  • Generation next safety with 9th Gen ABS by BoschTM, Corner Stability Control (CSC) and Airbags
  • Segment superior space and comfort
  • ConnectNext touchscreen music system

Bolt comes with two engine options:

  • Petrol - Revotron 1.2L turbocharged MPFi petrol engine with best-in-class** power of 90PS and torque of 140 Nm. First time ever* MULTI-DRIVE: SPORT, ECO, CITY
  • Diesel - Refined 75 PS Quadrajet diesel engine

Highlights of the Revotron engine are:

  • First time ever* MULTI-DRIVE: SPORT, ECO, CITY
  • First-in-class** turbocharged MPFi petrol engine
  • Best-in-class** power of 90PS and peak torque 140Nm
  • International collaboration with global design team
  • Extensive research and developmental testing for more than 300,000 hours

To know more details about the Revotron 1.2T engine, click here.

  • Yes, the Bolt is equipped with ePAS or Electric Power Assisted Steering with Active return feature
  • This speed sensitive power steering is very light and easy to use even at lower speeds e.g. when manoeuvring in city traffic. At higher speeds the steering firms up for better control stability e.g. on the highway
  • The active return feature instantly gets the steering back to its original position by up to 95% (which is best-in-class*) after manoeuvring a tight turn
  • All this coupled with the other comfort features of Bolt make it the most comfortable hatchback in India.
  • A projector lens headlamp uses advanced lens technology to generate far greater illumination than a conventional headlamp
  • First-in-class*, smoked projector headlamps in the Bolt gives it far superior headlamp illumination
  • It also adds to the Bolt’s style quotient
  • MULTI-DRIVE is a feature of the Revotron 1.2T petrol engine that programs the engine output to suit driving requirements
  • It comprises of 3 DRIVING modes:
    • SPORT: Maximum engine output - for a burst of power
    • ECO: Optimum engine output: power & torque - for excellent fuel efficiency
    • CITY: Increased engine output - for a perfect balance between the two
  • Engine develops its peak torque of 140 Nm at a low rpm level of 1500 rpm and maintains it flat up to 4000 rpm
  • You will not require to frequently shift gears while driving in city traffic conditions
  • In fact, you can easily drop car speed even while being in 3rd gear or accelerate from a low speed without changing gears
  • Tata Motors has paid special attention to the fit & finish while designing and manufacturing the Bolt
  • The quality of materials used in the dashboard, steering wheel and all surfaces gives you a premium touch and feel

To check out the fit and finish on the Bolt, there is no better way than by viewing the photos of Bolt.

  • In rainy conditions, if the front wipers are already activated, then while reversing, the rear wiper automatically turns ON
  • Adds to convenience and safety during extreme weather conditions
  • Exclusively customized ConnectNext touchscreen music system especially for Bolt
  • Touchscreen controls for music system and auto AC
  • Video playback via USB and SD card (when car is stationary)
  • Smart phone based navigation with MapMyIndiaTM maps (for Android™ phones only)
  • Advance voice command recognition to make calls, change tracks, control AC
  • Incoming SMS notification and read-out (depends on Bluetooth™ profile of connected phone)
  • BluetoothTM connectivity
  • Surround audio effect by 4 speakers + 4 tweeters
  • USB, SD card and iPod connectivity to connect multiple devices
  • SVC (Speed Dependent Volume Control) for perfect sound quality even at high speeds

To know more about Bolt’s Infotainment System, check out the connectivity features of Bolt.

  • The DIS or Driver Information System used in the Bolt has a  63.5 mm segmented display that is clear on the eyes and displays various parameters to keep you informed about various details of the vehicle and the drive
  • The 9 parameters displayed by the DIS are:
    1. Odometer
    2. Two trip meters A & B
    3. Digital clock
    4. Fuel computer (INST FE Bar Graph, AVG FE A & B, Distance-to-Empty)
    5. Outside ambient temperature display
    6. In-gear indicator
    7. Gear shift recommendation
    8. Independent door open warning
    9. Common cockpit illumination control
  • The body hugging, premium front seats of Bolt have been designed to provide extra support for your shoulders and back.
  • Their shape symbolizes broad shoulders of a rugby outfit.
  • The Bolt showcases Tata Motors’ all new design philosophy created across UK, Italy & Pune design centres in order to utilize international expertise in Automotive design
  • First-in-segment* Smoked Projector Headlamps
  • Flame-shaped tail lamps
  • Power Bulge on the bonnet showcasing raw power under the hood
  • Snazzy Java Black Interiors
  • Floating Roof Accentuated on Matte Black Pillar for an aggressive forward pouncing stance
  • Tata signature grille with unique humanity line in Piano black finish
  • Sporty Rear Spoiler
  • Dynamic Alloy wheels

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  • SVC or Speed-dependent Volume Control is a feature in Bolt’s ConnectNext Touchscreen infotainment system
  • A clever feature that automatically raises the music volume when the vehicle speed is increased
  • The intensity of music adapts to your speed thus compensating for the changes in ambient noise.
  • This automatic volume adjustment by SVC adds to convenience
  • The Bolt features several active and passive safety features
  • Active Safety
    • Latest 9th gen ABS with EBD by BoschTM that senses wheel speed and prevents wheel lock-up during panic braking thereby maintaining steering control
    • Corner Stability Control
    • Speed sensing door auto lock
  • Passive Safety
    • Dual front airbags that will keep the front occupants protected in case of a frontal collision
    • Strong body shell
    • Crumple zones and side impact beams that absorb and deviate the impact force away from the cabin in case of accident

To know more about all the above safety features of Bolt in detail, click here.

  • Bolt has the superior space in the rear which can occupy 3 people comfortably. Why don’t you sit and experience it for yourself?

Yes, the Voice command system recognizes an Indian accent

Bolt from Tata Motors is powered by the Powerful Revotron 1.2L turbocharged MPFi Petrol engine for power packed performance. It also features segment** firsts like Turbocharger and MULTI-DRIVE. This engine gives class leading power of 90 PS and peak torque of 140 Nm @ 1500-4000 rpm with flat torque curve characteristics. This engine is the new benchmark in the 1.2 litre MPFi petrol engine class.

  • 16V valve train is used to let additional air into the engine (better breathing) for better burning of fuel particularly at high speed operation. This can also be achieved through the use of a Turbocharger.
  • The Revotron 1.2T petrol engine uses an advanced technology turbocharger in a petrol MPFi engine (First-in-class**) to supply larger quantity of air into the engine for high power and torque compared to the competition engines which is evident by torque and power output in Revotron 1.2T.
  • The ConnectNext infotainment features first-in-class* smart phone based navigation with MapMyIndiaTM maps.
  • This functionality is available for Android™ based smart phone
  • User has to download a ‘ConnectNext’ launcher app and ‘NaviMaps’ app from play store on mobile and connect it to Infotainment via cable
  • The maps will be displayed on the touchscreen along with location based services
No, it just requires the GPS to be ‘ON’ on your smart phone. Internet connection is required only once to download the ‘ConnectNext’ launcher app and ‘NaviMaps’ app from the Play Store

The ConnectNext touchscreen music system that is used in the Bolt has been tested for all driving conditions. This system uses large legible fonts and icons that make it easy to identify and select required options. Why don’t you try it for yourself?

*Class is defined as compact manual hatch as per SIAM.
**Class is defined as petrol engines with 1.2 L capacity and MPFi technology.

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