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Check out Tata Bolt reviews & ratings from the auto experts across India to know what makes Bolt the best hatchback car in India. The design, style and looks are simply stunning and will leave you awestruck at first glance.

Smashing and setting new records

PAST THE CHEQUERED FLAG TO the frenzied cheering of three dozen technicians, drivers, time keepers, marshals, officials and support staff who had made the VRDE their home for the past two and a half weeks. “Adil, you have created history”, crackled the chief time keeper over the radios. Driving the Zest and overcome by excitement and emotion Adil replied, “No, it’s we who have created history”.

Autocar India

You can choose one of three modes on the Multi-drive system - Eco, City or Sport.

In the normal or City mode, the turbocharged engine responds really nicely to taps on the accelerator. ‘Sport’ is plenty of fun. You feel a distinct bump up in power when you hit the switch and there is a bit more punch in the top end too. As a result, overtaking on the highway is quite easy and the Bolt has plenty of power in reserve in this mode. 'Eco' - a step down from 'City' - reduces fuel delivery in an effort to improve fuel consumption.


Bolt takes the fight straight to the leader of the segment.

Keeping in mind that this car is destined to fight it out in the most brutal segment in the Indian market, Tata Motors has taken the liberty to pack it with class leading features.


The touchscreen infotainment system executes multiple operations

which include setting the right air conditioning temperature, controlling the surround sound fader, shuffling through music track to even reading out SMS received.

Carblog India

It delivers great punchy torque beyond that and is great fun to drive.

On the front you will see a higher chin, sleeker grille and mean-looking-eyes-like headlamp appearance which give it a sporty character.


The seats offer lots of space at the front and back, comparable to sedans in fact.

That said the interiors didn’t allow us to complain, the dash complete with a Harman-designed, touchscreen-equipped infotainment system with navigation. The steering wheel is all-new as well, and I was glad to note it looks and feels sporty. Overall the Bolt’s cabin is a likeable place to be in.

Top speed

In terms of safety, Bolt has 9th gen ABS, EBD and CSC - features which are not available in most cars in this segment.

...the gearing is quite tall so one does not need to shift gears all that much even in city traffic. In terms of ride and handling, Bolt is pretty sorted out. The touchscreen infotainment system gives access to navigation, AC, etc. in one place; video-playback option is the highlight.

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